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• Proficiency with a variety of film, DSLR, digital cinema and mirrorless cameras including Canon Cinema EOS Cameras, RED, Arri, and Sony large sensor cinema cameras.

• Advanced knowledge of electric & distro for Camlock: Delta & WYE 2 & 3 phase distro

• Extensive Equipment cage / rental experience including repairs

• Experience building custom truss grid systems and knowledge of lighting (including LED lighting fixtures), grip and rigging techniques

• Proficiency in lighting plot design animatic for scene change, set flips and camera movement in Shot Designer

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Photo by Solanne Fardel


Bretman Rock Talks Relationships And The Most Famous Celeb To Slide In His DMs | Taste The Tea

Bretman Rock Talks Relationships And The Most Famous Celeb To Slide In His DMs | Taste The Tea

Rajen talks with Bretman Rock about his new book, past relationships, intolerance to lactose, twunks, his pet chickens, and celebrities sliding into his DMs! Bretman’s new book “You’re That Bitch” is available on February 14th: A*Pop A*Pop empowers aspiring Asian American creative individuals to be a voice in the world, embrace their culture, and feel connected to the Asian American community GET MORE BUZZFEED: SUBSCRIBE TO BUZZFEED NEWSLETTERS: Credits: MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network STILLS Blank White Speech Bubbles petekarici/Getty Images Iron prison cage vector background. yotto/Getty Images Top view of a large serving of Chicken Tinola, a Filipino soup dish served as an appetizer or a main entrée with white rice. Michael Edwards/Getty Images Inspirational Speaker Does Presentation New Product to Audience, Behind Her Movie Theater with Green Screen, Mock-up, Chroma Key. Female CEO Shows Leadership on Business Live Event or Device Reveal gorodenkoff/Getty Images Sea otter (Enhydra lutris) sleeping in the water, illustration. DE AGOSTINI PICTURE LIBRARY/Getty Images UNFORGETTABLE: The 20th Annual Asian American Awards Presented By Character Media Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Christmas 2020 Ben Birchall - PA Images/Getty Images Goat looking at camera Stefan Moresco/Getty Images Business Meeting with a Chroma Key Screen SolStock/Getty Images Crispy pita pocket bread filled with shaved kebab meat, vegetable and some cheese sfe-co2/Getty Images Sweater mockup design in white green yellow and black with front view design by designing makes me more alive/Getty Images 1999 MTV Video Music Awards Frank Micelotta Archive/Getty Images Set of sweater mockup in black concept design for sweater product presentation design by designing makes me more alive/Getty Images Busted! Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images retro / punk girl lucilu/Getty Images "The Gray Man" Special Screening - Arrivals Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Carrion-Crow - Corvus corone, c1910, (1910) Print Collector/Getty Images Patty Hearst Mugshot Donaldson Collection/Getty Images home made summer lean-cuisine fried asparagus salad and roast potatoes Andreas-Saldavs/Getty Images VIDEO Footage provided by VideoBlocks ( EXTERNAL CREDITS Patricia Huffman



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