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Photo by Solanne Fardel

As a School of Visual Arts alum, I've been able to work on music videos, films and contribute my skills in lighting design and camera work to various editorial agencies such as: Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. I strive to bring a film look with a textured approach to today's digital formats.



• Proficiency with a variety of film, DSLR, digital cinema and mirrorless cameras including Canon Cinema EOS Cameras, RED, Arri, and Sony large sensor cinema cameras.

• Advanced knowledge of electric & distro for Camlock: Delta & WYE 2 & 3 phase distro

• Extensive Equipment cage / rental experience including repairs

• Experience building custom truss grid systems and knowledge of lighting (including LED lighting fixtures), grip and rigging techniques

• Proficiency in lighting plot design animatic for scene change, set flips and camera movement in Shot Designer

Google Workplace / G Suite | Slack | Airtable

Previous Experience

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